Safety first with our driversSafety

We are extremely proud of our crew of more than 300 dedicated drivers and monitors. Our hiring criteria demand more, and we compensate accordingly to create a corporate culture than builds morale and loyalty.  Our drivers are among the highest paid in the county and enjoy the security of year-round employment.

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Safety first with our buses

Our fleet of 170 vehicles, which includes 25 wheel chair vans, is licensed by the New York State Department of Transportation. It is fully insured, maintained in tip-top condition, and sparkling clean inside and out. We keep all of our vehicles under warranty because it is more cost-effective for us to replace them frequently and operate new equipment than repair older vehicles. Many of our buses now have air conditioning.

All County Bus’s record with the New York State Department of Transportation is unmatched: for the past three years we have exceeded the NYS Bus Inspection Profile that measures road-worthiness. 

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